Investment in Community

Giving our best to others.

"Giving the other fellow the best of it" was our founder's guiding principle. This idea—of giving our best to others—is the foundation of our relationships with people, from customers and employees to growers and the citizens of the communities in which we operate.

We invest in our communities in three core ways: via donations, volunteerism, and scholarships.

Employees from all of our plants volunteer and donate to charitable organizations active in their communities. Some recent highlights include:

  • Employees at the Moses Lake plant support their local 4-H organization by donating raw corn for the youth to sell in fundraising efforts at weekend farmers' markets.
  • Employees at the Albany plant serve local children's programs, including the SMART reading program, Special Olympics, and YMCA programs for at-risk youth.
  • As a company, we provide scholarships to both employees and children of employees; support FFA agricultural education programs; and sponsor student-age sports teams.