Reporte de Cultivo

Crop reports: the latest from the fields.

Last updated July 2010

The Pacific Northwest spring has been persistently cold and wet, adversely affecting all our crops. Standing water and flooding delayed planting. Cold temperatures slowed not only plant growth but also germination and blooming, leading to uneven maturity levels within the same fields. If the weather turns hot, bunching will compress our harvest schedule. We predict delayed harvests and reduced yields for most of our crops this year.


Pea harvesting in the Columbia Basin was delayed by the cold spring. In Western Washington, constant rainy weather slowed planting. Currently, pea production is slow. Only 10% of our pack was complete by mid-June, compared to 25% last year. Should the weather turn hot, we will face a compressed harvest season. Below average yields are anticipated.


Cold weather in the Columbia Basin slowed corn planting and growth. Wet weather in Western Washington wreaked havoc on the planting schedule. When the weather turns hot, the crops might mature at the same time, putting huge pressure on production. We expect a later harvest and reduced yields this year.

Lima Beans

Limas have not done well in this cold weather. Some fields were lost due to poor plant stands. The pack will be tight this year.


Some sliced carrot acres were lost to strong winds after planting. Although the fields were replanted, harvest will be delayed until at least mid-September.

Green Beans

Wet weather delayed planting two weeks behind schedule. Although by the end of June more than 60% of our green bean acres will be planted, we risk not planting our total acreage. The harvesting season will be delayed and compressed if the weather gets hot.


The planting is behind schedule due to the constant rain.