Crop Report

Crop reports: the latest from the fields.

Last updated Monday, October 2, 2017.


We've been hard at work harvesting the Best of the Great Northwest. Our facilities are busy freezing, packing, and shipping product.


Harvest completed in both Eastern and Western Washington. The green pea season started out slow and cold and then heated up quickly.  The extreme heat, lead to National having to bypass acreage on the east side in order to stay within grade, as did all processors, in the Pacific Northwest.  National’s total production was 10% below budget due to Mother Nature.   Overall production numbers in the PNW were slightly down due to weather.


75% - 80% of corn is competed.  Quality and Yields are average to date.  Corn season will continue through the month of October; weather permitting.      


Baby Whole Carrot production has finished, quality was excellent.  Yields were average and Quality was above average.   Yellow Bias Carrots have finished as well.  Slicer Carrots is coming along; season will be completed the beginning of October.  

Green Beans

Season wrapped up 3rd week of September.   Whole Bean yields were down due to the extreme heat the first set of blooms dropped reducing quantity.  The same heat has affected the Organic Bean crop, reducing yield by up to 20%.  Quality was average for the entire bean season.    

Diced Carrots:

Production began the 3rd week of September, quality is average; season should finish in mid-November.

Lima Beans:

Season is complete.  Budget numbers were hit, yields were average and quality was GREAT!    


Stay tuned for updates throughout the season.